Finding Strength Every Day

Dan Millman. Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor. He has written 17 books along the way. In this episode, Dan and Mark discuss becoming the best version of ourselves. Dan reminds listeners...

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Finding strength through #metoo

According to Entertainment Weekly. On Sunday October 15th Alyssa Milano revived a movement on Twitter with the hashtag #MeToo a campaign started a decade ago by activist Tarana Burke. Since then the hashtag took off like a wildfire bringing troves of people together...

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Finding Strength in God

John Lex Robinson. John Lex Robinson describes himself as a man of God and a son of God, though he is also an IT professional and family man. He has had a recent resurgence in faith which restored his energy. Lex explains how he did all things “right” (as he thought),...

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Finding strength in Honesty

Honesty is a virtue, or so I am told. To be honest I always thought being honest came easy to me. It was as simple as right or wrong. Did you steal the candy bar? Yes… Did you break the window? Yes… Did you eat pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner today? Yes, yes and...

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Finding Strength in Las Vegas!

On October 1st this Country that I love was hurt by one of its own. At this point I’m sure all of you have read about the tragedy that happened this past Sunday. The worst moment for me was realizing that I wasn’t shocked about what I read. I was upset, disturbed,...

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Finding Strength Through Losing a Son

Sherrie Dunlevy. Sherrie Dunlevy is an author, speaker, and business owner. Earlier in her life she was a TV newscaster and radio talkshow host. Sherrie lost her son when he was just 29 days old. This was a pivot point in her life that ultimately led to her leaving...

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Our Choice

I’ve been questioning a lot of things lately. I don’t think that’s a bad thing - I think that where we grow and stretch is in the asking. If life is in the details, then maybe the lessons are in the decoding. That may be a thought for another day, but one of the...

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Finding Strength Living Out Of A Car

Michael Marcial. Michael Marcial is an online course coach and consultant who has risen greatly in the last few years. Michael grew up very self sufficient and found success as a high end consultant. He identified himself by his lifestyle. Then everything changed. He...

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Finding Strength Through SEAL Tactics

Thom Shea. US Navy SEAL Retired Thomas Shea became a SEAL upon failure at West Point, a moment which altered the course of his life. Highlights of his Navy career include graduating SEAL training, surviving his first combat tour, and becoming a SEAL instructor. In...

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Where’s the Good News?

It's been a hell of a month. For me, yes - but much more so for countless others. There's no avoiding the devastation that's flooded (literally) our nation, and the aching stories of loss - loss of homes, loss of life, and loss of hope. It's everywhere. As I write...

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Finding Strength with No Barriers

Erik Weihenmeyer. Erik Weihenmeyer is a rock climber. In 2008 he climbed Carstensz Pyramid on the island of Papua New Guinea, completing the Seven Summits, the highest point on every continent. This accomplishment closed the circuit on a 13-year journey that had begun...

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Finding Strength through Self Sabotage

Mary Hyatt. Mary Hyatt is a life coach and entrepreneur who struggled with many trials in her 20s. She was married at age 20 and, a few short years later, found herself completely disconnected from life. Battling depression and anxiety, Mary found solace in food. She...

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Finding Strength through Rebuilding a Life

Cara Brookins. Cara Brookins has led an interesting life. She was married to her high school sweetheart right out of high school, but the marriage didn’t last long. She and her first husband divorced after 3 kids. Cara remarried at age 24. Her husband descended into...

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Finding Strength in the Gifts of Life

Len Wright. Zen Len Wright has experienced myriad struggles throughout his life and is now a coach helping others see the gifts given them in life's painful moments. In this episode, Mark and Len talk about how life isn’t predictable - you can’t have growth and...

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Finding a Release

When confronted with grief on any type, journaling can help to open your heart and mind to the experiences. Writing down what you are feeling and thoughts you are having can help you to process them and come to terms with what has happened in your life. Even if you...

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