Connecting Mindset To His Body with Darren King

My guest today is Darren King from Australia. He had a wake up call one day. Coincidentally it was through a car accident as well. As Darren describes it, he was just moving through life with little direction when he was hurt.

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Finding Self Healing After Enduring Life Struggles

Our guest this week, Michelle Evans has gone through this process and has a roadmap to share how you can do it as well. One thing I am truly confident of is that listening to this episode will help you see the power of doing the work of learning to Believe In You.

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Following Her Path Of Passion with Harriet Cabelly

My guest today…. Harriet never stopped looking for a way to turn her challenge into something positive. So far it is turning into an amazing career as an author, speaker and life coach. It’s possible for everyone of us to take our challenges and turn them into a way to help others solve their problems as well.

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Finding Strength in Communication

Nick Morgan. Nick Morgan is a coach, writer, and speaker. He was a public speechwriter for a governor and eventually started his own business. A series of events led him to the public speaking world. Nick had an experience with his father at age 17 that inspired him...

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Finding Strength in Serenity

David Henzel. David Henzel was always the “problem child.” Growing up he went to 14 different schools, smoked cigarettes and weed, and saw his fair share of struggle, including losing his father when David was only 12. He found entrepreneurship, moved to the US,...

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Finding Strength Every Day

Dan Millman. Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor. He has written 17 books along the way. In this episode, Dan and Mark discuss becoming the best version of ourselves. Dan reminds listeners...

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Finding strength through #metoo

According to Entertainment Weekly. On Sunday October 15th Alyssa Milano revived a movement on Twitter with the hashtag #MeToo a campaign started a decade ago by activist Tarana Burke. Since then the hashtag took off like a wildfire bringing troves of people together...

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Finding Strength in God

John Lex Robinson. John Lex Robinson describes himself as a man of God and a son of God, though he is also an IT professional and family man. He has had a recent resurgence in faith which restored his energy. Lex explains how he did all things “right” (as he thought),...

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Finding strength in Honesty

Honesty is a virtue, or so I am told. To be honest I always thought being honest came easy to me. It was as simple as right or wrong. Did you steal the candy bar? Yes… Did you break the window? Yes… Did you eat pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner today? Yes, yes and...

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Finding Strength in Las Vegas!

On October 1st this Country that I love was hurt by one of its own. At this point I’m sure all of you have read about the tragedy that happened this past Sunday. The worst moment for me was realizing that I wasn’t shocked about what I read. I was upset, disturbed,...

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Finding Strength Through Losing a Son

Sherrie Dunlevy. Sherrie Dunlevy is an author, speaker, and business owner. Earlier in her life she was a TV newscaster and radio talkshow host. Sherrie lost her son when he was just 29 days old. This was a pivot point in her life that ultimately led to her leaving...

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