Working it out

I’m not a stranger to struggle. In fact, my own struggles are what have led me to create Strength Through the Struggle. I learned a lot through my journeys, but the greatest lesson is this: we may not be able to choose our struggles, but we can choose how we let them...

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Grandma Loves Me Best! Part 1 of 2

GRANDMA LOVES ME BEST! Part 1 of 2 "Dad." "Yes Josh." "How come your mother loves her grandson more than her own son?" "Thats's an excellent question Josh.  Maybe because you are easy to love...  thanks for reminding me I'm second fiddle!" "Anytime Dad!"  ...

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Grandma Loves Me Best! Part 2 of 2

"GRANDMA LOVES ME BEST!"  Part 2 of 2 Josh tells me everyday, "Grandma loves me best!"  I don't hear it occasionally.  It's literally everyday and many, many times each day. He reminds me when it's just the two of us and he reminds me in public.  Josh gets great...

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A Little Understanding Goes A LONG Way! Part 1

The experiences Joshua had at school during his third grade year in comparison to his fourth grade year could not have been more profoundly different.  One of them was great.  The other, not so much. When we were notified that Josh would have to transition from one...

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A Little Understanding Goes A LONG Way! Part 2

Josh fought back his tears as much and as long as he could this particular morning.  Just as he did each morning for the better part of third grade.  In spite of his efforts to be both strong and brave, the push-pull of his emotions eventually overwhelmed him and...

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What You Hold, Holds You!

It would be easy for me to be bitter and angry regarding our current situation.  Josh inquires nearly every day and frequently, multiple times on any given day, as to why this has happened to him.  He has become very aware of the extra challenges he has as well as the...

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REAL love

It would be great if real love in real life was the way that it is portrayed in movies, on television and in print.  All shined up and perfect.  Always exciting.  But real love isn’t really like that. Real love is hard work.  Real love requires us to pay attention....

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Sometimes the Future is Now

SOMETIMES THE FUTURE IS NOW..... There was a time when my idea of the future for Josh and I spanned decades.  That was before the accident.  In the days after the accident, our future was simply the minute in front of us.  Neither I nor the doctors knew if Josh would...

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