The Science of Addiction

Megan Peterson. Megan Peterson is the founder of 2nd Chance Counseling Service – a unique platform connecting addicts with therapists, resources, and help in a quick and easy way. The goal of their service is to get help to people when they need it and when...

Finding Strength After a Rough Childhood

Dan Martell. Dan Martell is a father, husband, entrepreneur, teacher, and community builder. He grew up in a challenging environment, with an alcoholic mother, salesman father, and an early ADHD diagnosis. Dan was put into foster care at age 12 and his life spiraled...

Finding Strength Through Epilepsy

Mike and Karen Valentine. Mike and Karen Valentine had a great life. They called them their “salad” years. Their life dramatically changed when their second son was born with the cord around his neck and an Apgar score of 0. After a miraculous resuscitation in the...

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