David Meredith.

Holistic Personal Trainer. Life Coach. Business Owner. Husband. FATHER.

In this episode, David and I discuss:

  • Receiving a diagnosis minutes after the birth of his first child. 3.20
  • Man makes plans and God laughs 4.20
  • Learning to live with a medical mystery 8.35
  • Dealing with the anger that accompanies struggles 10.40
  • Spending 14 months in the ICU 14.20
  • The best Christmas gift they could have received 15.05
  • Finding humor in dark situations 16.40
  • Watching the medical professionals tell your child goodbye. 19.15
  • Drawing strength from personal relationships 24.20
  • Choosing to keep going when you knew your life would change 25.45
  • Keeping your head above the water 31.30
  • Feeling like the struggle became more like a battlefield daily 36.50
  • Being unable to even touch or comfort his son 41.15
  • Finding the level that a parent will rise to for their child 50.40
  • Embracing the village around you 55.15

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