Honesty is a virtue, or so I am told. To be honest I always thought being honest came easy to me. It was as simple as right or wrong. Did you steal the candy bar? Yes… Did you break the window? Yes… Did you eat pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner today? Yes, yes and yes. Do you think you are living up to your full potential?… That’s a more difficult one. Do you deserve more out of life? Do you deserve a promotion? Have you mastered your position at work? Or mastered being a husband and father?… Are you happy? Those last 6 questions are a little harder to be straightforward with.

Why if we make it a point to be honest in all that we do and say is it so damn hard to be honest with ourselves? I don’t think that we are intentionally deceiving ourselves? I believe it’s more a matter of taking the time out of life to be self aware. Taking time to sit back and think about everything we do, how we are really living our lives. Or even if we genuinely like who we have become?

How can we build strength and become our best selves if we don’t even know who we are right now. It’s easy to say I wish I was happier, or I wish I had a better job, or better relationships. It’s hard to take the steps to becoming happier, or getting a better job, or improving our relationships. The first step is to be honest with yourself. 100% straight to the core, not leaving out the dirty details, realize who you really are honest. That’s where you can set your baseline and realize what you need to do to become the best you.



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