According to Entertainment Weekly. On Sunday October 15th Alyssa Milano revived a movement on Twitter with the hashtag #MeToo a campaign started a decade ago by activist Tarana Burke. Since then the hashtag took off like a wildfire bringing troves of people together supporting each other through a common bond of horrific events. I’m not going to focus on sexual assault though I feel it is a topic that is all too common pushed under the rug or stuffed down deep inside the victims by shame. Instead I’m going to write about what #MeToo has done.

This campaign has stirred not just our nation but our world into talking about something so dark, so violent, and unappealing as sexual assault. Think about it, anytime sexual assault of any kind has been brought up in the past people get quiet, they get awkward, they just get uncomfortable. It’s a topic people in general like to avoid. But as one person raises their voice, another voice in the distance gains the courage to raise theirs, then another and another. It started with one person brave enough to out someone of incredible power, quickly a small army banned together in a common cause lifting each other up giving each other strength. They encouraged others to join them and free themselves from their personal prisons forced upon them. They became a force to be reckoned with. Bringing down several men in several different positions of power, and as such changed the world. I believe the world is now a safer place for everyone knowing that the masses won’t be silent.

The power of raising one voice has unsurmountable strength. If you are struggling with anything something like suicide, or abuse, or something you may not think is serious like depression, anxiety, or just sadness. Speak up, by talking to someone you are freeing yourself from the dark hold it has on you, it will simultaneously ease and strengthen you. It will help others who feel too scared, or ashamed, or think they are too far gone to free themselves as well.



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