Jason MacKenzie

Husband. Father. Giver. OVERCOMER.

In this episode, Jason and I discuss:

  • What it was like for Jason MacKenzie 1.45
  • Wife’s diagnosis 8.25
  • Learning to understand depression 12.45
  • Wife commits suicide 16.15
  • The worlds view of the Alpha Male and how it affected Jason 18.45
  • Recognizing. Taking action   22.35
  • Telling his daughters that their mother was gone   24.50
  • How the girls dealt with things as they’ve continued to grow up 28.25
  • Hero complex and Jason’s drinking 29.00
  • Scariest thing 31.55
  • When his daughter was disappointed 33.55
  • Clarity 34.45
  • What Jason has done since 37.05
  • Becoming open 43.29
  • A life of value 46.55
  • What Jason would suggest to those dealing with depression 52.55

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