Frank Fumich.

Father. Husband. Business Owner. World Adventurer.

In this episode, Frank Fumich and I discuss:

  • What’s it’s like to be a world adventurer 1.45.
  • His support with a young man, Ryan, who has a traumatic brain injury. 3.25
  • Attempting to bike across the country with RAM. 7.15
  • What he means when he says ‘it’s gonna get ugly, but it’s gonna get done.’ 11.35
  • Finding your strength when you thought you had none. 22:50
  • Growing your tribe and getting support 29:05
  • Making a plan to make a difference. 31.45
  • How sometimes appreciation makes all the difference. 36.15
  • Trying is awesome. 39.30
  • Doing good no matter what the outcome may be. 43.20

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