Matt Trainer.

Matt Trainer had everything. An “average” life to him included a home on the beach, partying in Dubai, and being hungover every day. However, everything came to a head after Wake Up Warrior, which has been mentioned on our show by several guests. As Matt puts it, Warrior inspired him to change his world, and the Universe decided to test him. He went from major success with a company to dealing with a major law suit. In the middle of the law suit, Matt went to the doctor and learned he had a major tumor in his stomach that had to be removed immediately. A few weeks after the surgery, El Niño hit and his home and underground garage – including a Lamborghini and Mercedes – flooded.

Despite the storm, both literal and metaphorical, that hit him, Matt found himself grateful for everything he did have. Without question, he’d do it all again. He’s now writing a book about his journey in the hopes that it will help others through their struggles.

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