When Noah was 11 months old, he was diagnosed with a tumor in the ventricles of his brain. What followed was a year-long battle, including two major brain surgeries.

Noah was strong – Noah is strong, and while he’s come through his battle brilliantly, he faces yet another challenge.

At Strength Through the Struggle, we know we’re always stronger together.

It’s what we believe. It’s also what Mike and Valia believe – because they’ve seen it. When they were at their lowest, at their darkest, they found light, and drew on the strength of others – from a world away.

Mike’s a musician (and a really, really good one at that). When they were fighting for the life of their son, they faced another obstacle – the mounting bills associated with Noah’s diagnosis. Mike turned to his music, and to his fans – and they rose up in support in a manner that far exceeded what they could have hoped for, from a world away.

But Noah’s Challenge Isn’t Over Yet.

Noah needs physical therapy. And through the diligence and devotion of parents who never stop searching for the best possible options for their child, they’ve discovered a treatment program that will not only give Noah what he needs to have the best chance of a normal life, but will do it much sooner, and far less invasively than any other option.

If you ask Mike and Valia Masse, their experience thus far with the Intensive Physical Therapy Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been nothing short of a miracle.

After assessing Noah, the Masse’s were told he would walk very quickly with their approach. They were hopeful, yet skeptical. In the words of Valia Masse, ‘they helped Noah begin walking on his very first day there! It was unbelievable. Their approach was not only very comprehensive, but revolutionary. Noah completed two three-week courses with them, and both times his development soared; not only his gross motor development, but also his speech and intellectual functioning. They helped him learn to walk and run, which changed his life. When he was 2 1/2, he uttered his first words; six months later, they taught him to count to 10!’

While Noah recovered and caught up in most of his development, he has lingering issues that require physical therapy. Mike and Valia are trying to raise $6000 for a three-week therapy course in October, 2016, at the Intensive Physical Therapy Institute. They plan to cover all travel and other expenses.

Unfortunately, the treatment that Noah needs (although it’s already proven far more effective and even less costly in the long-run) is not covered by the Masse’s insurance.  You can help ease some of the strain of their struggle, if you have the means, by visiting Noah’s Go Fund Me page – or even just sharing this message.




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