Ryan Stewman

Father. Proud Texan. Salesman. CHANGEMAKER.

In this episode, Ryan and I discuss:

  • What it was like to be Ryan growing up. 1.15
  • Not feeling like you deserve what you have. 13.35
  • Why Ryan went to prison. 15.00
  • Ryan’s experience in prison. 18.12
  • What it was like for Ryan to realize that he was chained to a hospital bed, and then to realize he’s going to prison. 22.20
  • How Ryan uses humor to deal with things. 26.40
  • What happened when Ryan got out of prison? 27.40
  • Ryan goes back to business, and how he spent his time there. 33.50
  • How Ryan drove into the mortgage industry when everyone else was leaving it. 37.00
  • How you can overcome anything with hard work. 39.50
  • What his experiences brought him and can bring others. 41.00
  • The point when Ryan was scared. 42.57
  • Why he’s over the excuses. 45.50
  • Ryan’s advice for someone who has a child that is like he was. 47.25
  • Ryan’s advice for facing hard things. 56.50

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