Suzanne Raja

Wife. Mother. Mission to ignite passion, live freedom and embody love. COURAGEOUS.

In this episode, Suzanne and I discuss:

  • Suzanne gets distracted 4.25
  • When she realizes things had gone to far 10.00
  • Realization of what was actually going on 12.30
  • What she now thinks about what she thought then 13.45
  • Not expressing herself the way she should 14.30
  • When she started to feel out of “sorts” 16.17
  • Advice to others when they feel like she did 21.50
  • Find same gender friends 24.35
  • Holding room 25.50
  • How they worked through this challenge 29.00
  • Letting him say what he needed to and let it toughen her 32.27
  • Feelings of guilt and letting them go 34.50
  • Moving on 38.18
  • Still dealing 45.35

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