Thomas Clifford.

Thomas Clifford is a man on a mission. He is a father and a martial artist. Thomas grew up with a blessed life. As he puts it, it’s not the kind of story that makes people want to stop and listen. When you peel back the layers, though, you’ll find Thomas’s story is one that keeps you completely enthralled.

Thomas’s grandfather was deeply involved in organized crime. Thomas grew up believing his grandfather had been killed in a car accident, only to learn later he had been murdered. Thomas’ father strived to be the exact opposite of his father – he was a Marine in WWII, storming the beaches at Okinawa, and later became a cop in New York City for 33 years. Following his retirement, Thomas’ father was diagnosed with ALS. It was at the time of this diagnosis that his father opened up and shared many family secrets that had been hidden along the way.

Listen to this incredible episode as Mark and Thomas discuss forgiveness, meaning in life and death, fatherhood, and how love is the most powerful force in the universe.


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