Tim Matthews.

Tim Matthews never believed he was good enough. After an incident with his father when he was 7 years old, Tim chose the belief that he wasn’t worthy or good enough of anything. This belief led him down a path filled with stress, struggle, and sacrifice. Despite this belief, he still aimed for success as an entrepreneur. After University he found personal training, and through that process found a pregnant women weren’t getting the same attention as his other patrons. This led him to build Fitness for Mom.

Despite a positive business, Tim knew in his gut he was in a bad way. The problem was, he didn’t know how to get out. He was engaged to the wrong person, had bad business deals, and was not making much money. He attributes this to pushing his own inner voice down. In his words, he was adding flaws to buildings with crumbling foundations.

The pivot point was when he realized his parents were about to drop £15,000 as a deposit for his upcoming wedding. He knew he couldn’t, in good faith, let them go through with it. In this moment, he cut everything out of his life. He called off the wedding, canceled upcoming business deals, and developed a new mantra: Follow your Feelings.

Tim Matthews now runs a program called The Powerful Man, focusing on building up men in all aspects of life, including business. His health, relationships, and wealth are all flowing positively and freely.

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