We walk, every day, in the presence of warriors. Those who are fighting for their life, for their families, for their futures — whatever their challenge may be, they carry burdens that – while defining – don’t have to be carried alone. Too often the challenges of those around us go unnoticed. The very purpose of Strength Through the Struggle is to provide encouragement, hope and inspiration by sharing stories of those who have walked through adversity and have emerged with strength and dignity.

We believe strength is to be shared.

What do you say? Are you ready to #sharestrength and spread hope? Or better yet, are you ready to walk with strength?

Imagine – learning your child, your baby, has brain cancer. Imagine receiving a devastating prognosis.

Imagine – watching your child, your warrior, battle through and beat the odds.

Read more about Noah’s journey – and the struggle he’s currently facing – here. 


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