Amy Smalarz.

Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. High performance coach. WARRIOR.

In this episode, Amy and I discuss:

  • What was it like being Amy Smalarz? (4:53)
  • Amy’s liver and kidneys fail because of anorexia (13:13)
  • When you looked in the mirror what did you see? (27:00)
  • Why don’t you look in the mirrors? (28:19)
  • What are some of the strengths you acquired in the process? (31:14)
  • Don’t give up, but stay flexible (33:39)
  • Love yourself, and give yourself space to not be perfect (38:03)
  • There’s only one of you in the entire world (38:17)
  • You have an inner strength (38:58)
  • Find your voice, then work and share that with everybody. (39:23)
  • What do you do when the inner voice starts lying again? (42:36)
  • One word to describe Amy? Warrior. (48:01)

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