Gene Dunn.

Lifelong Martial Arts practitioner. Dojo owner. OVERCOMER.

Gene is a lifelong martial arts practitioner, dojo owner and overcomer of great struggles.  As a child, his environment was full of his father’s drug deals and constant unrest in the home.  His teenage years were unsettled and he tells a story of avoiding drug dealers and being protected by a heroin addict.  This experience changed his life as the man told him, “Look at me – I can’t get out, but you can.”  He took this and decided to stop using drugs and getting more into martial arts.  Gene was able to find beauty and value in his struggles and has used them to help others overcome theirs.  He also talks about his mother and her ability to survive and her motto, “Just put one foot in front of the other.” This is the advice he gives to anyone in a struggle or overcoming a struggle.  He believes that guardian angels have watched over him as he heard whispers of truth come into his life.  Gene is indeed a survivor and a changer of a bad situation.

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