Following Her Path Of Passion with Harriet Cabelly

Josh and I were eating dinner tonight and he asks me about a relative of ours that chose to not
be in his life anymore. He misses her desperately but there is nothing to be done. He has
reached out. I have reached out. Silence in return.

I said to him, “Josh, people make choices. People change. That doesn’t reflect on you. We are
all traveling our own path and we have to choose who we are going to be and how we are
going to live. Just because somebody’s choice doesn’t make sense to you or me, it still may
make sense to them.”

He then says to me, “Dad, I’m different now.”

Different now meaning what?
“I’m different since we went to Atlanta and I got to tell some of my story on stage.”

How are you different?
“I know now that I don’t have to be miserable just because of the accident.”

Josh and I have had hundreds of conversations about how maybe the accident, as bad as it
was, could be turned into something good.

He has never seen the possibility till two weeks ago. I used to tell him in response to his
lamentations over the accident that maybe it was a gift. He couldn’t really believe that and one
day he shut me down by saying, “Dad, it doesn’t feel like a gift.”

I know it doesn’t FEEL like a gift because I wrestle with it too.

How many times do we see something as horrible, and in the moment maybe it is, but if we
leaned back and could get some perspective, or put some time between the event and the rest
of our life, it might look entirely different.

Maybe the end of that relationship is making space for a new, healthier and sustainable one.
Maybe losing that job means I can take the one with more pay and better hours that will show
up three weeks from now if I keep looking.

Maybe the pain, the hurt, the emptiness we are left with at times is our opportunity to learn how
to heal and then help others do the same.

Maybe everything we experience in life actually is a gift?

It may be in a box wrapped under a fourteen-inch thick layer of duct tape and will take me time
and effort to unwrap it but it will be awesome once I get there.

My guest today…. Harriet never stopped looking for a way to turn her challenge into something positive. So far it is turning into an amazing career as an author, speaker and life coach. It’s possible for everyone of us to take our challenges and turn them into a way to help others solve their problems as well.