Using Struggles As A Motivator For Entrepreneurial Success

My guest this week, Dave Daley, is known as the Monster Motivator and for good reason. He has used motivation and hard work to propel his life forward from a young age. You see, Dave was adopted at the age of 18 months into a loving working class family.

Yet, in childhood Dave Daley was diagnosed with a learning disorder and consequently, he never graduated from high school. Dave ended up on the wrong side of the law and in his late teens, found himself sitting in jail looking at a sentence of 8-10 years.

What is really amazing is that Dave Daley found the motivation to turn his life into a positive direction, building multiple businesses and I’m sure he can help you find the motivation as well.

Motivation, for many of us, seems to be in short supply at times. A lack of motivation can show up in getting after the big stuff; finishing that degree, making positive health changes, improve a marriage or performance at work.

It also shows up in the smaller, but still important stuff, like cleaning out a garage, going through a closet and pitching clothes we haven’t worn in years or getting after the yard work that we really should have taken care of last week.

I had wanted to write a book since I was in high school. I wrote in my journal over the years. Jotted down thoughts, experiences and feelings from time to time, but I never sat down to write a book even though I really wanted to.

It’s been thirty-nine years since I graduated from high school. I’m now fifty-seven and the book will be published this year.

What took so long?

It seemed as if a few things stood in the way….

Fear, lack of skills, uncertainty of how to go about publishing a book at the age of eighteen.

What changed three years ago at the age of fifty-four that I actually started writing.

I was motivated to do it.

What motivated me?

Understanding that time is limited. I didn’t want any more time to pass without me writing a book.

All the same apparent obstacles still seemed to be standing in the way.

I still had fear.

I still didn’t have writing skills. Which by the way, can only develop and improve if you actually sit down and write.

I still didn’t know how to construct a story or publish a book.

But what I did have was the motivation to go figure these things out and get busy writing. By the way, it’s not always easy but I LOVE IT!

What is holding you back from making the changes you would like to be the person you really want to be? Where in your life could you use a little motivation to start moving forward. Take a listen and I’m sure you will get insights that will help you on your own journey.