Finding Self Healing After Enduring Life Struggles

Our guest this week, Michelle Evans has gone through this process and has a roadmap to share how you can do it as well.

One thing I am truly confident of is that listening to this episode will help you see the power of doing the work of learning to Believe In You.

I haven’t always felt confident. There have been lots of reasons for it. As a result, I have spent a lifetime pursuing confidence in different ways.

As a child, I was involved in Scouts for years, which is all about building skills and confidence. I also participated in contact sports in an effort to learn to believe in myself through athletic performance as well as have a lot of fun!

Wood shop class in high school was another place where I developed a high level of skill and had confidence.

Nearly ten years in the U.S. Air Force helped me to develop many skills and allowed me to have confidence in my ability to perform complicated jobs.

The study of the martial arts and teaching for thirty years was one more place I invested lots of time and energy to build confidence in my skill to protect myself and help others do the same.

However, there is a difference in being confident in what you do and having confidence in who you are as a person. In getting to the point where you have cleared up the doubt and confusion of who you are and what you are here on earth for. There is

This takes a different kind of work than repeating drills to develop skills which is where the practical aspect of confidence is built. If you spend enough time in a wood shop building things you realize you are skilled and you feel a level of confidence as a result.

Finding the inner confidence of who you are will take a different kind of work. Inner work. Questions. Journaling.

It will require letting go of assumptions, judgments and expectations of ourselves and others. Learning how to forgive, repeatedly, ourselves and others.