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I Got Everything I Want But…

A Health Scare A couple of years ago, I was having a really hard time breathing when I would try to sleep at night. As time went by it got worse. I was in Colorado to do some training with one of my martial arts instructors and it got to the point that...

Strength Through The Struggle

How To Simplify Life Without Regret

The Landscape Architect I once heard a story about a famous landscape architect. He was a master at what he did. He traveled the world creating amazing gardens and landscapes for prestigious locations. It is said that on days when he felt particularly...

Strength Through The Struggle Podcast

How We See Ourselves

Self Reflection An old student of mine stopped by in the middle of July. I didn't recognize him and had to ask his name. As soon as he said it I recalled his time with me. He was a student for about 5 years. Roughly age 9-13. He was being raised by a...

Strength Through The Struggle Podcast

Showing Two Lives

One Last Talk Recently, I had the honor of giving my One Last Talk. If you haven’t heard of OLT, the idea is to share with the world what you would most want people to know if you only had 15 minutes to do it and then you were gone from earth forever....

Strength Through The Struggle Podcast 139

Creating a World You Would Want to Live In

Creating a World You Would Want to Live In First off, I want to Thank You! For listening today. It means a lot to me, that you brought your time, your energy and your attention here today. Thank you. Sometimes as I look around this world we live in, it...

Strength Through The Struggle Podcast 138


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