Finding strength in Honesty

Finding strength in Honesty

Honesty is a virtue, or so I am told. To be honest I always thought being honest came easy to me. It was as simple as right or wrong. Did you steal the candy bar? Yes… Did you break the window? Yes… Did you eat pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner today? Yes, yes and...
Finding Strength in Las Vegas!

Finding Strength in Las Vegas!

On October 1st this Country that I love was hurt by one of its own. At this point I’m sure all of you have read about the tragedy that happened this past Sunday. The worst moment for me was realizing that I wasn’t shocked about what I read. I was upset, disturbed,...

Finding Strength Through Losing a Son

Sherrie Dunlevy. Sherrie Dunlevy is an author, speaker, and business owner. Earlier in her life she was a TV newscaster and radio talkshow host. Sherrie lost her son when he was just 29 days old. This was a pivot point in her life that ultimately led to her leaving...
Our Choice

Our Choice

I’ve been questioning a lot of things lately. I don’t think that’s a bad thing – I think that where we grow and stretch is in the asking. If life is in the details, then maybe the lessons are in the decoding. That may be a thought for another day, but one of the...

Finding Strength Living Out Of A Car

Michael Marcial. Michael Marcial is an online course coach and consultant who has risen greatly in the last few years. Michael grew up very self sufficient and found success as a high end consultant. He identified himself by his lifestyle. Then everything changed. He...

Finding Strength Through SEAL Tactics

Thom Shea. US Navy SEAL Retired Thomas Shea became a SEAL upon failure at West Point, a moment which altered the course of his life. Highlights of his Navy career include graduating SEAL training, surviving his first combat tour, and becoming a SEAL instructor. In...

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