A New Direction For The Podcast

Welcome back friends to another episode of Strength Through the Struggle. I’m your host Mark Goblowsky. Thanks for listening.

So this episode is a little different. It’s just me here

I’ve loved doing a long-form podcast where I interviewed absolutely incredible guests. And every guest has been amazing! They have each shared their story and what they’ve learned so generously. I’ve learned so much in the last three years.

I know there a lot of long-form podcasts out there. If you listen to Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris you know what I mean. They have amazing podcast and have no trouble going for two hours at a whack. But I’m not JR or TF. Couldn’t be even if I wanted to.

Staying True To Consistency

If you’ve listened for a while, you may have noticed there have been a couple of times when there wasn’t an episode released for a few weeks at a time. That’s because I have been sitting back contemplating a direction change. I guess I knew in my heart this was going to happen, that I wanted and needed it to happen, which explains the dragging of my feet in putting out new episodes the last couple of months.

This episode, the one you are listening to right now was supposed to happen two years earlier. The truth is, I’ve been scared. Of what,.. good question. Part of it was I would be 100% responsible for the content of Strength Through the Struggle. Without a guest, truly, the show’s success or failure fell squarely on my shoulders. And that was scary.

I also had a fear of sounding stupid. Fear of having to pause to think about my next statement in real-time. I’m probably the only one that does that… Maybe the boogeyman.

Why now? There was a time I would hear my intuition and not question it. And you know what, it never failed me. My intuition is 100% reliable. My real problem has been that I have spent too much time in my head, trying to figure things out. While listening to my gut never failed me, paying to much attention to my thoughts, trying to figure out every little thing ended up paralyzing me in terms of taking action.

What will things look like moving forward?

Periodically I will interview guests in the future as well. But for the time being, It’s going to be me.

What will I speak about – things that are close to my heart. Things that I believe are universally relevant to most of our lives. I suspect not everyone will agree with what I think is important. I can promise you this though, I will only speak of things I’ve experienced. My point of view will only be based on what I have gone through and hopefully learned from.

When will they come out – We will be releasing episodes on Monday and Thursday mornings as we move forward. Most of them will be fairly short. Right around 15 minutes or less.

I want to serve you better and I believe this shorter format will be able to do that. Most of you will be able to listen to the entire episode on your way to or from work, the grocery store, running to the gym or heading to martial arts lessons. In short, these shorter messages will be easier to listen to and have actionable steps you can take to get your own life more closely aligned with who you really want to be and how you want to live.

Speaking of actionable items, Something very interesting happened As I was making notes for this episode, in spite of all the worrying and anxiety and fear, that went on in me for over two years, the more notes I made, the more I thought about what I wanted to say, the more I relaxed and let what was in my heart find it’s way to the paper, the more excited I got to record this. I felt free as opposed to feeling shackled by fear.

As I close out this episode I want to say thank you once again. I appreciate each and every one of you listening in. I’m excited to be moving in this new direction and I’m grateful to have you along on the ride. Please let me know what you think of the show. Just go to mg.com and fill out a contact form. It will come straight to me.

All the best. See you next time.