Getting Caught Up In A Material World

It’s easy to get our lives focused on keeping ourselves entertained. There is a massive marketing machine out there everywhere you turn not to mention how the human mind is so willing to cooperate.

Buy this and you will feel great!

Go on this vacation and your kids will have memories for a lifetime!

Drive this car and people will know you are somebody!

Own this, buy that. It never stops. And it is all too easy to be sucked into its energy of consuming, consuming, consuming.

Life’s True Purpose

But life wasn’t really meant for us to be constantly entertained or on a quest of consumption. There is no lasting value or meaning there for us to build a fulfilling life.

Damion Lupo is a guy who took consumption to an extreme for the average person. He regularly spent $75,000 dollars a month on fun, food, housing. Can you imagine that? He spent more money in a month, every month than most individuals make in a year.

Eventually his life bottomed out though. His fortune was lost and his family was gone.

Sould Searching After Hitting Bottom

Once the ability to consume and be entertained went away, he, in turn, felt an emptiness inside of him. And that brought pain.

Luckily life is filled with new beginnings. Opportunities to learn and bounce back from tragedy or mistakes.

Damion decided to get help for the next part of his journey. He found a trusted mentor. Damion, in turn, started to ask himself the same question every week. “What is True?” And that went on for two years as he rebuilt his life around values and purpose, contribution and connection.

Damion showed us, once again, what life is all about…

This hero’s, or heroine’s, journey to come to grips with what truly matters most in life. Overcoming our weak spots that trip us up, greed, self-serving behaviors, the desire to take short cuts. And in turn, find wisdom from our experiences to bring us to the next part of our life. A life of Connection and making Contribution as a way of life.

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