Your Dream Vacation

Imagine being on a plane headed to your dream vacation. Let’s say it’s Italy. You spent the last two years planning it. It’s all been paid for. Your itinerary is planned out for each day with all of the sights you want to see most.

You know all the restaurants, museums and ancient ruins you will be seeing and when. All the details have been checked off and the weather is supposed to be beautiful the entire time.

You settle into your seat on the plane. It’s a long overnight flight. You put your seat back in the reclined position, put on your eye mask to block out any light and decide to sleep until your long-awaited arrival.

You wake up to the sound of the pilot saying, “We are preparing for our final descent.” A few minutes later the wheels touch down on the runway and he says, “Welcome to Holland!”

You Didn’t Expect This

You are confused. This isn’t what you were planning. You had your heart set on Italy and you have no idea what to do next.

We all have our hearts set on certain things turning out a certain way. It can be a relationship, a child, a job or a business. What do you do when the thing you thought was going to come to be doesn’t and the thing that did come to be is so different that you have a hard time accepting the new reality?

Chip Franks

Our guest this week had this very thing happen to him. Chip Franks shares with us the raw truth about not getting what you thought you would in your new baby. But what he shares applies to every area of life. Take a listen here and enjoy the show.

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