What Would Love Do with Len Wright

Len Wright refers to himself as a Mental Alchemist. This is the second time Len has been on the show. I had him back on because he has helped me with how I see the world and myself. In this episode we talk about how sometimes when I think something is right for me, it doesn’t mean it’s what is best for me and that when I think I know something, I shut off my capacity for learning and nothing improves in my life.

I really loved how Len showed that we can turn the lead and iron and straw of our life, the negative and painful experiences into the silver, gold and platinum of learning and transformation.  And in the moment, in the midst of the storms of life to be able to ask the question “What would love do?”

I challenge you, in the midst of a storm in your life or challenging experience, How do I take this lead and turn it into Gold and “What would love do?”

Is there a time in your life when you had a similar situation? Let me know in the Facebook Group.