How Childhood Actions Could Affect The Future


Raul Lopez Jr. – Is a man with a story about how childhood impacts our lives as adults. I believe this works in the positive and in the negative. As children, we don’t always understand why our parents do what they do.

Even though Raul had a loving mother and loving father, he couldn’t understand how or why he was no longer able to see his father and Raul grew up angry which led to fighting, crime and jail. Luckily that isn’t how the story ends but I’ll let you hear this amazing story of change and redemption yourself.

I loved doing this interview. And what I loved most about it was how Raul was so transparent and raw about his own experience. To go from thinking Love = Pain to realizing Love Sets you Free is freedom indeed. The idea that things happened to me turns us into victims. When I choose to see it as things happened for me it empowers me to serve the world and myself in a positive way… Good stuff.