Anthony Trucks.

Foster child. Athlete. Author. Life Coach. MOTIVATOR.

I had the opportunity to interview Anthony Trucks, an amazing athlete, author and life coach.  While he has taken many opportunities to better his situation and create a good life for himself, his beginnings were on the difficult side.  He grew up in foster homes, in abusive situations and his first memory is being given up for adoption by his mother.  He often felt alone and unimportant.  However, he eventually was adopted at age 11 and was able to live in a healthy and stable environment.  Anthony made the choice to change his mind set and decided to succeed in life.  One of the quotes he lives by is “nothing has any meaning except for the meaning you place upon it.”  To him, this means that you can choose what is important to you.  He believes that trust, sacrifice and sustainability are the steps to growth and success. Anthony has grown a wonderful business and has helped many people. You will surely learn a lot from what he has to say and his experiences.

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