Satyen Raja

Entrepreneur. Coach. Mentor. Survivor. TRANSFORMER.

Satyen is an entrepreneur, coach, mentor and survivor.  After a near death experience in Hawaii, Satyen viewed life in a completely different way.  The question he wants to ask you is: What must I do to live, to love and to die completely without regret?  It is a piercing question that can help you reevaluate the way you live and things you might want to change.  He reordered his life as faith, family, finance, and fitness.  Satyen explains how these four things affect our balance and how they are interwoven like a rope.  Satyen and his wife use the Dyad, the power of two, to evaluate their relationship and to support each other in their goals.  This has helped improve their marriage.  Currently, Satyen runs a website designed to help others improve their relationships and all aspects of their lives.

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