Charlie Brenneman.

Teacher. Speaker. Coach. FIGHTER.

Charlie “The Spaniard” is a teacher,a speaker, a coach, a mentor and a fighter.  He grew up in a stable home where value were taught and encouraged.  He then became a Spanish teacher for a few years but began training and fighting in the UFC.  Charlie learned and shares many lessons that he learned while fighting about home/work balance, challenging yourself and your family, being honest with yourself, and accepting responsibility for your life.  He discusses marriage and relationships and how to negotiate what you want and need to have a successful relationship.  Overall, his goal is to teach his children to be humble and to create a foundation that his kids can learn from and build upon.  Anyone without this foundation or who believes they are an exception to the rule can email Charlie and he will connect them with someone who is like them.  Charlie is an exceptional and empowering person who will help you to feel like you can do anything.

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