Mike and Valia Masse.

Parents. Therapist. Lawyer. Musician. SEARCHERS.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Mike’s music career
  • Finding humor in serious, crappy situations
  • When Noah first got sick
  • Getting the cancer diagnosis, and the difficult prognosis
  • Using his gift of music to get Noah the help he needed
  • Beating the odds
  • His fans stepping up to help save Noah’s family
  • Finding the connection that Noah needs through Russian space technology
  • Finding an intensive neurological physical therapy program that’s targeted to Noah
  • Why they’re confident in the abilities of this program
  • The insurance dilemma – and how you can help
  • The relationship between neurology and nutrition
  • Creating hope for people that have none
  • Utilize the resources available, such as GoFundMe
  • Keep searching, and don’t be afraid to reach beyond what’s comfortable to find what you need.

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