Finding Strength in Communication

Nick Morgan is a coach, writer, and speaker. He was a public speechwriter for a governor and eventually started his own business. A series of events led him to the public speaking world. Nick had an experience with his father at age 17 that inspired him to ask what it was about communication that you could receive a lifetime of secrets at a glance. At 17, Nick was also in a tobogganing accident and was in a coma after flatlining for 15 minutes. This experience changed him. He could no longer assess the mood of familiar people. It took a year of studying body language to understand how to read people again.

In this episode, Mark and Nick discuss the conscious mind vs subconscious mind. They talk about what Nick has learned from being technically dead for 15 minutes. They also discuss our job in this life: not to judge other people, but to love other people.

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