Navy Seal Tactics to Calm Your Mind and Move Through Challenges with Chris Sajnog

Chris Sajnog takes us through choices…

What happens though when what we want is in conflict with who we are, or better yet, who we want to BE?

One of the interesting things about Life is that it’s filled with choices. Choices about the type of education we get, the type of career we pursue. The family we choose for ourselves, as we get older.

Life isn’t just filled with those big choices. It’s also filled with myriad of daily choices. What we will eat, who we will speak with, whether or not to hit the gym or watch a movie instead.

There are times when what we want for ourselves comes in conflict for what someone we love wants or needs. Those conflicting types of choices can begin to weigh heavy on our minds and can create restlessness in our souls.

What if your chosen career at some point comes in conflict with who you are trying to be? What if the demands of work come into conflict with the needs of your family and your desire to meet those needs?

I’ve been at that inconvenient place more than once. And while there is more than one way to handle these types of situations, here is one truth that I had to come to terms with.

Sometimes I have to give up what I want,
So the object of my love
Can have what they want or need.

I really believe this. Sometimes putting aside what I want allows my loved one to get what they need.

When my son Josh got hurt, he was 3 ½ years old. The head injury was so devastating; he had to be in the hospital for 4 months straight and was comatose for the first five weeks. I didn’t want him to be scared or feel alone. So I chose to forego my career so I could be there with him day and night.

I was self-employed so there was no back up long term. When Josh got out of the hospital, he had a minimum of twelve medical appointments a week for months. I chose to be there with him. It went on for years. I don’t say this to try and make me look like a good guy. I had serious conflict inside.

What about my needs? What about my finances? What about my future? My guest this week, Chris Sajnog, was at a similar place in his life. The desire to raise his boys and the desire to remain in the U.S. Navy as a SEAL. He couldn’t imagine missing his children growing and the influence he could offer by being there everyday. Chris chose his family and I know they are glad he did. Beautiful thing about it, Chris has an amazing new career helping even more people everyday.

If I had to go back and do it all again, I would do it exactly the same. It was the right choice for me. It was who I wanted to be. I’m glad I did.

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