The Mindset Of A Navy Seal

What if you could develop a Nave Seal Mindset? Who wouldn’t want that? This week we dive into a SEAL mindset with Larry Yatch. Larry is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate who served ten years as a Navy Seal officer. He was medically retired due to battle incurred injuries and is now helping others outside the military to develop a SEAL Mindset in life in order to overcome challenges and succeed in business and life.

Larry offered up amazing ways to get more out of life and about learning how to overcome obstacles, challenges and failures. One of the powerful distinctions Larry made was to consider the words we use can help us or hinder us. That applied to our self-talk or when speaking with another person. That was really just the tip of the iceberg. The entire episode is filled with useful, actionable tools to help you and I become the best version of ourselves.

This episode it helped me to see the idea of persevering so much more clearly and usefully in my own life. Persevering frequently felt like a load I was carrying. Like just trying to make it through the day many times. With the distinction Larry made, persevering now it seems more like an open door, an invitation to rise up and not just endure.

There was a time when my heart was heavy that I didn’t want to be on my path mostly because it was so damn hard.

I didn’t want my son to have to go through with his challenges and his challenges, by extension became my challenges. Looking at the car accident as an event that derailed our destiny wasn’t serving me or Josh. Seeing that event as a destiny that is bringing about a lot of good is way more powerful and useful to Josh and I aw well as the world.

I guess you could say me seeing things differently has caused a change in my heart. Maybe that is what life is all about. Living, Learning, Growing. Changing towards the positive where we can. Allowing our hearts and minds to change where needed and where we can in turn serve the world and ourselves in a bigger, better, more complete way.

Live. Learn. Love.