Mark Goblowsky

Mark grew up in NE Ohio, in a small town near Lake Erie.  After nine years in the military, he gained a desire to learn and teach Martial Arts.  He loves teaching and considers himself a teacher 24/7.  His son, Josh, was in a car accident at age 3 ½ years old.  He suffered a traumatic brain injury and while Josh was in a coma, Mark remembered a quote that helped him through the darkness and despair, “Always remember in the dark what you knew in the light.”  This inspired him to persevere and gain hope for the future.

He has transformed this hope into a podcast.  A podcast for anyone and everyone who has ever loved someone.  There are a wide range of stories from a Super Bowl winning football player who had to sell his Super Bowl ring to provide for his family, to a man who grew up in a broken home and how he has helped other men to become better men, fathers, and people.  In each episode you will learn how they grew, the wisdom they gained and how they overcame their obstacles.