Depression And Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety affect 40,000,000 million people in the United States alone. They are both something that has impacted me, my family and close friends.

There are many causes of Depression and Anxiety. They run the spectrum of life. Losing a loved one, being fired, a chronic illness or life-changing injury are just a few things that can trigger a bout of anxiety or depression.

Regardless of how a season of either of these challenges starts, the experience is real. A feeling of ongoing sadness. Losing interest in pleasurable things. Appetite can increase or diminish. Insomnia or at the other end of the spectrum sleeping excessively. Constant fatigue, heightened guilt or the inability to think clearly or make decisions.

One thing that I learned in my own life that was part of my depression was that I wasn’t aligned with who I really wanted to be. I wasn’t doing what really mattered to me in this life. That lack of alignment over time weighed heavily on me. Eventually, it drained the energy out of me. Things became dark and life lost its zeal for me. I no longer had a desire to be around people or do things that previously brought me joy.

Luckily, I had the help of people wiser than I at the time and I was able to bounce back. Our guest this week, Rome Za, a Chechnya war refugee, also was out of alignment between his head and his heart. He too found his way out but it took years. However, the effort and the time to overcome also eventually brought with it peace, joy and a zest for life.

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