It’s Tough To Be A Parent

Being a parent is tough. It’s just challenging try to meet the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our children. We have an idea of how to raise our kids based on how we were brought up. Then there are our friends and family who have opinions. Lastly, there is the endless list of bloggers, authors and “professionals” telling us what works and what doesn’t.

It’s not easy to know where all the boundaries are drawn let alone do I have too many or too few?

The Importance Of Child Resiliency

One thing that is hard to argue with is the need for a child to be resilient. Someone who when knocked down doesn’t get stuck with disappointment but can get back up and move on. The child who when they fail at something doesn’t see it as a failure but as another step on the road to get to where they want to go.

Arguably, resilience is the one thing that allows all other good qualities and values to not get swallowed up by failure and disappointment but to actually flourish in a person’s life.

What if there is a roadmap showing us not just what Resilience looks like but how to get there?

That is exactly what this weeks episode is all about. Chris and Holly Santillo are the authors of Resilience Parenting, During this episode and in their book, they outline an entire process to understand what resilience is and how we can teach it to our children. Which means giving them the gift of overcoming setbacks, failures, and disappointments in order to live their very best life. Take a listen here.

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