Steve Roy Was Lost In A Bad Marriage

This week’s guest is Author Speaker and Coach, Steve Roy. Thirty days into his marriage, Steve knew the marriage was wrong. In spite of that, he stayed for 8 ½ more years becoming the father of two children and losing himself in the process.

Losing himself meant weight gain and by extension a lack of confidence in himself and eventually all parts of his life were looking negative. Steve knew he had fallen far when a friend he hadn’t seen in years said to him, “you look like a sad sack of shit.” That same person then challenged him to do one thing that day to start taking care of himself. And that is where things got interesting. Let’s get to the show and hear what Steve has to say.

Lessons Learned From Trying To Find Yourself

Kids shouldn’t be put in the middle of the challenges that parents have with each other. They should never be used for leverage or pawns in the issues of the adults involved. Let’s do our best to not burden our children but lift them up to all their possibilities.

Steve, like all of us, couldn’t see, or wouldn’t see the truth any longer. The change of the weight gain came on so slowly that it was EASY to allow it to continue. The change was too slow to really notice it. Gaining a few ounces a week isn’t even noticeable. If an extra 30 pounds showed up over night, we would do anything to get rid of it. The discomfort factor would be immediately felt and felt in a big way.

The power of starting to do one positive thing a day changed the trajectory of Steve’s life. What I found interesting is that he needed somebody else to not just point out how far off track he had gotten but also to challenge him and help him stay accountable to his commitment to change. There is a saying that goes like this, “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together. We need each other and can do far more together, than alone. That’s all for now, see you next week.

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